Deafness is a mystery to individuals not involved in the Deaf Community. Gate wants to introduce you to the beauty of the Deaf Culture, the diversity of people with deafness, and provide you with resources that can help you whether you are interacting with the Deaf for the first time, have a Deaf child, involved in a Hearing/Deaf relationship, or just wanting resources to further your understanding of the Deaf World.

It's important to understand that there are 3 types of Deaf individuals: 1) Latened Deaf Adults 2) Oral/Non-Cultural Deaf Individuals and 3) Members of the Deaf Culture. Gate Serves all three types of individuals. Gate as a company holds no bias that one type of communication method or lifestyle choice is better than another. Gate has ties and active relationships to all types of Deaf individuals, and seen both successes and failures in all types of communication and technological choices. Our understanding is that the Deaf want to be served and served well. We want to help ensure the best possible life for individuals with hearing loss.

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