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This is a mini-intensive training, but even in this abbreviated workshop, we are covering a TON of incredible material. Let's take a look below to find out more.


How should you dress when interpreting in worship settings? We can help! This section of the workshop will give you the ins and outs of proper dress.


What kind of feed do you need in your monitor? Do you use IEMs or Hot Spots? Where is the best place for lighting? This is the section which helps. Here you can figure out how to talk the lingo and get what you need to make the experience more effective for the Deaf, and the Hearing. 


Every recording artist is different. If you want to know how to keep your Steven Curtis Chapman from looking like Kari Jobe you need to do a little research. This section of the workshop will help. Here you will learn how to analyze facial expressions, body language, eye gaze, identifying movements, attire, and more. This is the beginning of bringing equality to music, and how to bring the stage to life!



Practice makes perfect right? At this point we have learned all we need to know about HOW to build a quality performance interpretation, now we need to PRACTICE... over and over and over again! This is where we pick apart performances and practice PRACTICE... PRACTICE! This section is where what you do, comes to life. This section will change your career and the experience your consumers have every day.


Christian music is not easy to gloss. The music is FILLED with obscure concepts, imagery, idioms, and even writing which sometimes doesn't make a lot of sense. How do you interpret it? This glossing section is huge! It will dig through religious terms, idioms, images, pantomime, etc etc etc. Whether you are new in the field or you are experienced, you will have something to gain in this section. 


Becoming an incredible Worship Interpreter starts from the inside. Interpreters need clean minds and clean hearts to give God a chance to work through us on stage. We all carry an enormous amount of baggage from our own personal fears to endless mistakes we have made in our pasts. Since the God we serve loves to heal broken people, we want to give Him that opportunity. In our Spiritual Development class, we will be led by a worship pastor as he walks us through the reasons we have to personally get right to get the information out right. He will then lead us through an intimate time of healing. This is a chance to get real with God and get ready to break out in worship! Don't be intimidated! It will be a wonderful chance for beautiful intimacy with the God we serve. 


Educational Objectives (List specific observable actions by participants that will demonstrate comprehension and integration of information presented):

ONLINE MATERIAL Attendees will be able to define what is the appropriate attire and presentation for professional interpreters in Christian based performance settings from churches to concerts. Attendees will be able to recognize technical equipment needed in worship environments, and will be able to manage communication with the technical staff effectively.

DAY 1 Attendees of this portion of the workshop will be able to reproduce creative glosses which include gesturing, idiomatic expressions in both English and ASL, picture development, pantomime, as well as additional ASL elements all of which will be used regularly in Christian worship environments. Attendees will be given an insider’s view of how artists write their music, and leave with an understanding of the methods and philosophies used in writing, there by being empowered to choose more effective translations.

DAY 2 Attendees will be able to analyze and assess the character traits of artists/worship leaders such as gender, age, nationality, controlled use of body face and eyes, character specific pointing and gesturing, vocal characteristics, musical transitions, body movements, and pantomime. After extensive practice, attendees will then be able to reproduce those characteristics within their performances effectively modeling their actions with the artists they represent.

DAY 3 Attendees of this portion of the workshop will be able to recognize and access the spiritual tools needed to be an effective worship interpreter within Christian churches.


Media/Materials (List the print, audio and visual materials you will use. Who is responsible for providing them?)

YouTube Videos, Photos, PowerPoint Presentation, BWLN Workbook, Theatrical Technology, and more.


Evaluation & Assessment (Describe how you will evaluate student learning & presentation effectiveness.)

The online portion of the workshop will evaluate students through online quizzing. Students will be required to complete all of the online material to receive a certificate of completion. During the live workshop, students will apply the techniques learned throughout the workshop. The instructor evaluates the student’s knowledge of theory through verbal inquisitions, random quizzing, and immediate onsite evaluation. Awards are given out for correct answers. Deaf Consumers evaluate the students on the practical elements by watching group and individual performances and offering feedback for improvement. Students will perform in group and individual settings and be evaluated by the class as a whole. Techniques are taught for self evaluation. The workshop itself will be assessed by paper evaluations, and the ongoing feedback from attendees.

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