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Did you know Gate Communications is the leading provider of Performance Interpreter training in the U.S.?



How can I better reach my Deaf audience members?


1) Find an interpreter that can immitate you well.

You work hard to develop your persona. You need to find an interpreter who can honor that. 


2) Sign to your audience.

Even just signing I LOVE YOUwhich is a single handshape can make a difference! 


3) Interact with your interpreter.  

Many artists will dance with their interpreters, sign to their interpreters, wave to their interpreters, etc. The Deaf usually LOVE IT! It will also get you some social media plugs. 


4) Reach out via Social Media! 

You will be amazed at how a little outreach can go a long way. Learn to sign a phrase, we can help! Tweet something about your interpreters. Post photos of your interpreters or Deaf audience members on your SM pages. You can impact those audiences, gain some extra attention and increase your fan base with little effort. 

5) Make your concerts accessible. 

If your concerts are accessible in every capacity from a phenomenal interpreter, to clear indications of accessibility on ticketing sites, to clear ushers who communicate in sign, to a shout out in ASL during your event, your simple accessibility efforts can create lifelong fans and a slew of ticket/merch sales. 




Are venues required to provide interpreting services? 


If the patrons have paid to be in attendance, venues are in fact required to provide interpreters for their Deaf audience members upon request. 


Do we need to hire a professional?


The smartest decision a venue to can make is to hire the most skilled Performance Interpreter possible. Highly skilled Performance Interpreters do more than give your single patron a great experience, they will often bring in additional ticket sales, and create a positive experience where audience members are more apt to spend money on concessions, merch sales, and future ticket sales. In the end, the money spent on a great interpreter brings in far more profit than a venue's attempt to avoid costs incurred with providing accessibility for Deaf patrons. Venues with the best interpreters, have the best reputations among the Deaf/Disabled Communities. It shows people with disabilities matter, and that creates loyalty and respect. That always leads to a better experience, and in the end, more profit. Everyone wins. 


How do venues find a Professional Performance Interpreter?


This gets a little tricky. Many interpreters will state they are PPIs but although their resumes are long, their skills don't match their experience. Asking interpreters to provide a sample of their skills, and having those samples evaluated by Gate or other knowledgeable agencies/individuals is the smartest way to obtain a great interpreter. Gate will evaluate interpreters for a nominal fee. 


What makes a GREAT Performance Interpreter? 

1) An ability to match the nuances of the artist

2) Great facial expression

3) Great translations/glosses

4) Professionalism on and off stage

5) Knowledge of technical needs (lights/sound) 

6) Humility and responsibility

7) Equivalent physical presentation (attire, make-up, etc)


Why do GREAT Performance Interpreter's need to match the artists?


The Deaf audience members paid to see THE ARTISTS but have to look at the interpreter. When the interpreter presents an effective equivalent, the Deaf have a more accurate and equivalent experience, and that level of accessibility creates a powerful fan base. We love music because of far more than merely lyrics, we love the vocals, the body language, the attire, the expressions, and the tiny nuances of our favorite artists, so do the Deaf! 


Check out one of Gate's intensive training graduates as she takes these theories and puts them powerfully into practice!


How do we make the most out of hiring an interpreter? 


Call our office and our staff will be happy to provide you with free advisory services. Gate has experience in advertising, evaluation, and all technical aspects of interpreter provision such as ideal light and sound. 


For more immediate online information about serving the Deaf, CLICK HERE!


Do Gate's interpreters travel? 


YES! Gate is able to provide interpreting services in all 50 states and in other countries. 


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