Created by Dave and Gary Johnson (Doc, High Incident, Against the Grain) and inspired by the remarkable true story, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye stars Deanne Bray as a profoundly deaf woman whose unique lip reading ability lands her on the F.B.I.'s elite surveillance team. Tackling tough cases while catching the eye of handsome Agent Jack Hudson, Sue and her hearing dog Levi are suddenly 'G-men' on the adventure of a lifetime! Features 11 Full-Length Episodes: Episode 101/102 - "Pilot" Episode 103 - "Bombs Away" Episode 104 - "Assassins" Episode 105 - "A Snitch in Time" Episode 106 - "The Signing" Episode 107 - "Blast from the Past" Episode 108 - "Silent Night" Episode 109 - "Greed" Episode 110 - "Diplomatic Immunity" Episode 111 - "Dirty Bomb" Episode 112 - "The Heist" Bonus footage featuring Deanne Bray and Creator Dave Alan Johnson.Closed-Captioned

Sue Thomas FBEye