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You have been Barnabased!

Purple Flowers

Someone has felt you needed some smiles right now so they submitted your name to The Barnabas Project. 

This is an outreach for the Greater Deaf Community which has one goal, ENCOURAGEMENT. Who can feel depressed when they get a cup full of M&M's? Over the next week you will receive a few gifts. Everyone gets something different. It's all free, and it's all just being sent because we think you need something to bless your life right now.


So, sit back... 


Check your mail this week, and know that you were important enough to someone that they wanted you to feel special, encouraged, and blessed. 

If this outreach blesses you, we would love to hear from you. Those stories always lift our spirits too! You can reach us at the address below. 

Enjoy the ride! ... and may heavy days become light and filled with smiles, joy, and peace.  


Gate Communications

The Barnabas Project 

330 Mallory Station Road Suite 10

Franklin, TN 37067

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