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As a non-profit organization we desperately need the public's help to do what we do! If that means helping us by volunteering, helping us by donating money, personal items or office supplies, helping us by donating services, or helping us by giving us incredible advice, however you help, you empower us to make a difference in other people's lives! Gate is a company that strives to make the world a better place for the Greater Deaf Community. We pour our time and money into Deaf individuals, their families, interpreters, interpreting students, and friends. We serve people a mile from our office and as far away as across the ocean. Every time you help Gate, you help others. There is so much you can do, and the need never... never goes away. Take a moment to see how you can help us today! 

Like every non-profit organization, Gate needs funds to survive. Every dime helps! Your funds go to support outreaches, free services, and they will even help to keep our lights on, and trust us, electricity makes us happy! You can even define the specific area you would like your funds be spent. To donate today, just take a moment to click below and see how you can give! 

Like most not-for-profit profit organizations, we welcome your in-kind donations! Some individuals drop off clothing, school, houseware, office equipment, electronics, or school supplies for a school we support in Mexico. Some individuals bring by office equipment, office supplies, cleaning supplies, for our office, books for our library, or gifts for our outreach programs. ALL of those donations help. Whether you have a plant you want to donate to brighten our office, or an old iPad for a needy Deaf child, we can use your donations! Think about what you can give. 

Non-profits need a great deal of help to survive. Money helps tremendously, but there is never enough of it, which means volunteers are critical to keep non-profits running. Gate volunteers can serve in endless ways from organizing the office, to teaching Deaf refugees, to serving as interpreters for special events, and those jobs are just the start. We never have enough volunteers, so if you want to make an impact on a company serving the Deaf, you have come to the right place. Click on the link for more info! 



Do you have specialty skills which a not profit can use? Graphic Designers, Accountants, Video Editors, Grant Writers, people with all types of specialty skills outside of interpreting, we have opportunities for you to serve! So whether your skill is quilting, photography, or dance, we have opportunities for you! Consider working with Gate! You can change lives, change a community, and change a company with a big heart. For more information, click below: 

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