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Curious about Gate? There are so many things most people don't know about our little company with a big heart so here is your chance to learn. 

"Changing the world ONE person at a time."


Gate Communications has been serving the Deaf Community for 23 years. 

Gate Communications was started in a one bedroom apartment by three members of the Deaf Community. We now are blessed with an office, a full time staff, a crew of contract interpreters and an incredible history which has brought a lot of smiles to the Deaf Community.  


Gate is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. 


We are not about money, we are about people. We believe in helping others and we strive to do so every day our doors are open! 


Gate is a four-fold organization. 


Did you know that Gate provides four key areas of service? We provide Interpreting, Education, Community Events, and Outreach.  


Gate is located in Music City, U.S.A. 


Our office is located in Franklin, a suburb just South of Nashville which houses one of the largest numbers of artist you will find in America. 


Gate has taught workshops in 26 states and 2 countries!  


Gate does an enormous amount of work locally, but we also work outside of the state of Tennessee. We have been blessed to travel the U.S. providing workshops from coast to coast and border to border... and beyond. 


Gate has had interpreters from 6 countries attend our workshops!


We love impacting people outside our borders. We have been blessed to reach not only the United States, but individuals outside the U.S. such as interpreters/teachers from from Canada, England, New Zealand, and Mexico.


Gate is the leading performance interpreting educator in the U.S.!


Gate has been blessed to teach more performance interpreting workshops than any other performance interpreting instructors in America!


Gate has a full ITP program!


Students can take private tutorials and walk through an entire Interpreting Training Program (ITP)/ Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP) on site. Students can take individualized classes ranging from ASL I all the way through an Internship and they can do it here in Franklin, or through our distance education opportuntities. 


Gate has taught students as close as a mile from our office, and as far away as Africa and Australia. 


Gate Communications loves all things education! Our ITP program teaches students in many different locations. We have been blessed to teach a tremendous number of students in Tennessee, but outside our borders, we have another wonderful group of students attending our online courses. 



Gate has held the largest Deaf events in the state. 


Gate has enjoyed holding some of the most incredible Deaf accessible events in the state of Tennessee. From Deaf Day at the Predators, to Deaf Day at the Zoo, to Deaf Day at the Aquarium to The Celebration of Sign, our small company has made an enormous impact on Deaf accessibility in Tennessee! 


Gate travels regularly to Mexico to work with a school for the Deaf  


Working in America is amazing, but working with the Deaf in a Developing Nation is an honor which can't be compared. Gate's staff annually travels to Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico (South of Brownsville Texas) to work with a residential school for the Deaf. 


Gate has our own educational materials  


Gate Communications has our own product line of educational materials. You can find our latest DVD's in the Gate store here, or at Harris Communications. 


Gate now offers interpreting services in Mexican Sign Language  


Why work in one language when you can work in two? Now with the influx of Mexicans in the United States, Gate is offering limited Mexican Sign Language (LSM) interpreting services to consumers in the Middle Tennessee area. 






Gate offers one the only intensive training for Professional Musical Interpreters and Worship Interpreters in the world!


There is no better place to be than Nashville if you want to learn to interpret music! Gate has been blessed to have created the only intensive musical training for professional interpreters in the world! This weeklong intensive is held in Nashville annually and has been attended by individuals from 4 different countries. 


Gate has one of the only online interpreting workshop sites available worldwide!


Interested in interpreting workshops? Visit our online workshop site at 


Gate has held the largest Deaf events in the state of TN. 

From Deaf Day at the Predators, to Deaf Day at the Zoo, to Deaf Day at the Aquarium, to Pumpkin Fest... Gate has held the largest TN events for the Deaf Community! 


Gate supports Deaf outreaches across the US, internationally, in Mexico and Honduras. 

We have a passion for Deaf education and accessibility nationally and internationally. 


Gate has offered support for Hollywood & Music Industry productions.

From Christian artists like Sierra to Hollywood creations like Young Rock, Gate has supported arts industries with the use of Sign Language in their filmed productions. 


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