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Build Your Fan Base! 

Increase Your Ticket &/or Product Sales!

Make an Impact!




  • Did you know that 10% of the United States has a hearing loss? 

  • Did you know that millions of individuals in the United States are Deaf or Hard of Hearing? 

  • Did you know that the number one birth defect in the U.S. is deafness? 

  • Did you know we have had a Deaf Miss America, a Deaf Oscar Winner, a Deaf Tony Winner, and a currently one of the most popular TV shows in the 14 - 24 age demographic is all about deafness! 


You have the power to increase your fan base, your product sales, your ticket sales effectively,

and you have a chance to make an impact on a lot of lives. How? Sign Language! 



How can you integrate Sign Language into your name?



A number of artists have included Sign Language in their videos, and it has made an incredible impact. In multiple cases it has even helped take their hits to the top ten. From Savage Garden to Cyndi Lauper  to Sia  to Des'ree artists and their video producers have realized the impact of Sign Language in their Video performances. 



You have Deaf audience members attending your concerts, and a little Sign Language makes a huge impact on those individuals. These fans feel acknowledged, special, and cherished when an artist signs to them from the stage. A few signs will make lifelong fans. However, Deaf fans are not the only individuals who are powerfully impacted by the inclusion of Sign Language. A vast majority of audiences are intrigued by this gorgeous language, and when their favorite artists includes Sign from the stage the result is incredible! Some artists have made a name for themselves by including Sign from the stage, and in some cases, it has taken their hits straight to number one. Artists like Nicole C Mullen  Sandi Patty & Sweet Honey in the Rock have caused an incredible stir by using Sign Language from the stage.  



The interpreters you use live represent YOU! That means if they sign poorly, they make your "voice" sound flat or off tune. Beyond that they drop the energy level and even make your performance appear awkward. To a Deaf individual those interpreters represent everything you are. When they sign poorly or inaccurately, they make you look bad. That effects the Deaf Community's perception of you whether you know it or not, and it effects their support of your music. A bad interpreter can cause decrease in product sales, a decrease in music downloads, a decrease in ticket sales, and a decrease in their overall support. There is no win. However, a single Deaf person represents 2 - 20 ticket sales as they carry their Hearing friends or family in tow. Just like your Hearing audiences want a great show, the Deaf want the same. That means a vocalist singing on tune, a rockin' sound system, and a great mix, and all that comes through a great interpreter. 


What makes a great interpreter? 

  • An interpreter which properly represents your genre of music

  • An interpeter which properly represents your voice

  • An interpreter which properly represents your mannerisms

  • An interpreter which moves representing music

  • An interpreter which plays to their audience equivelently using their eyes, their hands, their bodies like you do

  • An interpreter which uses your facial expressions.



Social media is taking music and Sign Language places it has never been. Literally thousands of student interpreters and training interpreters are creating personal music videos using Sign Language. Some of these individuals have an enormous following. Additionally, interpreters are being videoed by Hearing audiences and uploaded to YouTube. In the end, American Sign Language is getting incredible amounts of attention in today's world. 


This is the time to capitalize on the hype and the enthusiasm for this beautiful language. 




  • Gate teaches Artists basic communication for fan interaction

  • Gate teaches Artists translations of their songs

  • Gate provides the highest quality Performance Interpreting services. 




How can you integrate Sign Language into your career?



The American Sign Language craze has hit and Hollywood has jumped on board!

Sign Language on the Small Screen

Just to name a few! There are many more. 


Sign Language on the Big Screen


Just to name a few!


Some actors like the Emmy Award winning Camryn Manheim are fully qualified Sign Language Interpreters. Other individuals like Oscar Winner Louise Fletcher use Sign Language out of necessity as her parents were Deaf. Other actors like Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman have created Sign Language videos. Sign Language has made an impact on Hollywood, and you can get involved!



These same principles apply to the theatre! Directors, your interpreters can enhance the artistic presentation you and your actors have worked so hard to develop, or they can damage it. Make the most out of your interpreters! They can be a beautiful artistic additive to your production, and they can bring in ticket sales you hope to obtain. It's a win on every count!




  • Gate provides advisory services to film & TV

  • Gate provides Sign Language education for actors learning lines in ASL

  • Gate provides Sign Language education for talent which wants to communicate off screen with their Deaf fans

  • Gate has access to Deaf & Hearing actors who sign

  • Gate can advertise your events with targeted Deaf Community advertising locally or nationally. 




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