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Gate Communications is a not-for-profit organization which means we survive in part on the donations of others. As a small non-profit there is no day that we don't need someone to donate his/her services in some manner. Each minute spent offering your wisdom, guidance, skills, etc impacts our company more than you would ever know. What type of assistance do we need? 

Needed assistance: 

  • Web designers

  • Graphic designers

  • Videographers

  • Video editors

  • Accountants/CPAs

  • Interpreters (Foreign Language & ASL)

  • Grant writers 

  • Teachers 

  • Photographers

  • Fundraisers 

  • Handymen/women

  • Janitors

  • Event Coordinators 

  • Etc! 

Do you have unique skills? Are you a dance instructor, an etiquitte counselor, a chef, a self defense instructor, a nurse, a police officer, a musical artist or an artist in the fine arts? We have ways we can use your incredible skills! Whether your skill is a skill listed above or quilting, or massage, or internal medicine, or one of a thousand other jobs, we have a place you can volunteer. Just contact us! Your effort can radically shape our company. 



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