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What are we looking for?



We want interpreters who are going to be able to be a light in a dark world and that starts with smiles, laughter, and a great personality. We want team players. People who will shine as they work with their consumers, people who will find joy on their jobs, and bring peace where they travel. We want smiling faces, humble hearts, and team players so every interpreting assignment with a Gate interpreter is a positive one for all team interpreters and consumers. 




We want people who, when we sit down to offer feedback or direction on their interpreting journey, will be open to ways to improve their skills or personal presentation. Our goal is to challenge our interpreters to be the best they can be. No one is perfect! We all have room to grow and we want to work with people who are excited to grow in their skills. We are not looking for individuals who are easily offended when ideas for change are presented, but individuals who are passionate about personal progress.


We want people who are professional! Of course that means honoring the Code of Professional Conduct, but in addition to that we are looking for people who have wonderful interpersonal skills and know how to appropriately interact with individuals throughout the interpreting environment, from parking attendants, to office workers to the Deaf and Hearing consumers themselves. We want interpreters who can handle environments from elementary schools to backstage interaction and all with an air of professionalism.  


Like all interpreting agencies we NEED interpreters. Yes, of course we love working with interpreters who have extensive skill and experience under their belt, but everyone is on a journey and we are looking for people who are determined to develop their skills as well. So if you are certified and skilled at ASL and voicing, grab that phone and call immediately. If you are a baby interpreter and you have a lot of room to grow, have no fear, we need you too and are excited to partner with you on your journey. 



As a faith based company, we are looking for people driven by faith. Based on the Christian church, we seek to work with interpreters who share our same vision and values. 


Do you fall outside our vision and values? HAVE NO FEAR! We have plenty of opportunities to work together so don't let that stop you from contacting us! We are busy around here and we need all the help we can get.   


615-435-8929 V

615-224-8058 VP


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