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Barnabas Project

The Barnabas Project was birthed out of a ministry from Westmont College called "Barnabas". This ministry reached out to college students during difficult times with small acts of enccouragement. The Barnabas Project does the same. This outreach targets all members of the Greater Deaf Community from parents of Deaf children, to students, plus interpreters, and of course the Deaf themselves. Once a name is submitted to the Barnabas Team, Gate works towards easing the pain of difficult times by providing free surprise gifts from our office for a week. Imagine facing the death of a husband and receiving mugs with candy, self care baskets, books of encouragement, movie tickets, free groceries, or even gift cards, all from anonymous senders. It can take a tough day, and bring a smile which is invaluable. 


Our office has barnabased over a hundred individuals facing problems from the pain of divorce, death, failure of a certification exam, physical illness, mental illness, personal break-ups, violent crimes, and more. We often hear back from the recipients saying that our gifts were the only light during some sigificantly dark times. This outreach is changing lives and touching hearts. 

Do you know someone who needs to be "Barnabassed"?

Every hurting person in the greater Deaf Community qualifies. Just fill out the form to the right and we will bless them with a few smiles. 



Do you know want to join The Barnabas Team?


Do you think you are a good fit for The Barnabas Team? Barnabas Team members write notes, send packages, buy products, search for donations, use their creative side with craft projects, deliver local gifts, etc. The Barnabas Team members are the backbone of our outreach, and they make a huge impact with each of their endeavors. If you are interested in joining The Barnabas Team, email our office and we can discuss more details. 


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