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Are you interested in hosting a Bringing the Stage to Life workshop? It's easy & it's often FREE! 


Hosts are responsible for 3 things: 





We provide you postcards and/or online flyers, a website, and a Facebook page, you just need to do a little leg work. Sounds easy? It is. 



Our team needs a venue which will hold the size of the intended group comfortably. This is an active workshop where attendees will need space to move, so that is one consideration which is important for hosts to remember. We will need a projector, a screen, and a 6'-8' table. We have been housed in classrooms, conference rooms, theatres, & churches. Every host we have had to date has found the venue for free!



We encourage Deaf people to attend in order to help evaluate the interpreters at the workshop. We can SimComm the workshop but most Deaf individuals do prefer an interpreter. On occasion Deaf individuals do attend the workshop in full. The hosts take care of providing interpreters for Deaf/Deaf-Blind attendees. Most hosts can find volunteer interpreters, however some hosts prefer to hire interpreters.


(The above details apply to hosts in the continental United States. Hawaii, Alaska, and foreign islands/countries follow an alternative standard for hosting.)





Where have these workshops been held?

Take a look at the map on the top right hand of the page. The dark blue areas indicate where our BSL workshops have been held. To date we have held the workshops in 26 states, most of which have chosen to present multiple levels of the workshop and/or we have presented the workshops in multiple locations within that state.


What does Gate handle? 

Gate handles everything else! We take care of our travel arrangements, registration, materials such as workbooks and give-aways, and of course all the supplies needed to manage the workshop. Gate additionally manages CEUs for all standard hosting agreements. 


How much time does Gate need to book the workshop? 

Gate needs a minimum of 45 days to post CEUs with our RID sponsor. We can book workshops up to 18 months in advance. 


Is there a contract that needs to be signed? 

We do have a hosting agreement which needs to be signed. It's a simple agreement which defines both of our responsibilities. 


Does Gate hold workshops during the entire year? 

Gate usually travels to workshops via car. Because of that we prefer to travel during months and to locations that keep us out of snow and ice. If hosts need us to travel during snow filled months, we request hosts fly us into the area. The hosting agreement will move to our secondary agreement where we work from a standard speaker agreement. 


Do you set up workshops under standard speaker agreements? 

Yes! Sometimes hosts want to manage an event and handle registration on their own. If that is the case, Gate does have a standard speaker agreement that we have available in place of our traditional hosting agreement. Some states might be required to use a standard speaker agreement if a secondary workshop cannot be booked en route (e.g.: Washington state). Travel to some states is extremely time consuming hence workshops are booked in tandum across the country. 


Does Gate travel outside of the continental United States? 

Yes! We do use standard speaker agreements for travel outside of the continental U.S. (the lower 48) or for international travel. 


What is in a standard speaker agreement? 

The host pays a standard speaker fee, travel fee, hotel accommodations, baggage fees, etc. Our office can discuss that with you more in depth. 


What are some of the hosting benefits? 

Hosts will get their name and logo advertised on the event website. They will have the opportunity to spend some time to bring attention to their agency/school/organization at the beginning of the workshop if so desired. Hosts also receive a free registration to the workshop to use as they please. 


Does Gate need student volunteers? 
Generally, no. Our workshops are a well oiled machine. Students are welcome to help us unpack, however if our full team travels by car to a workshop we will need minimal assistance on site. If our lead speaker travels via plane, assistance will be needed on site. 


Can students attend for free? 

Sadly, because Gate is a small company we don't have the extensive backup funding needed to allow students to attend for free. 


Can the Deaf attend for free? 

Deaf individuals attending as evaluators can attend for free. They do not receive CEUs or materials. Deaf individuals wanting CEUs and materials must register through our standard registration process. 


Do hosts ever do more than the bare minimum requirements? 

Yes! Sometimes hosts choose to provide snacks or breakfast for attendees and that always makes the attendees happy. Some hosts choose to provide lunch for free. Some hosts provide water or coffee. All types of food and drink bring smiles. Sometimes hosts have their own give-aways from smaller items to larger door prizes. Attendees love free things, so of course that will make the crowd giddy as well. Hosts often use these workshops to get their name out and those little additives can help do just that. Gate's staff has received a wide variety of host gifts over the years from gift cards, to books, to hand made wallets. Gifts are always cherished, but never expected or required. 


Does Gate sell product? 

Yes! Our team will bring books, DVDs, necklaces, key chains, shirts, etc to sell on site. 


Can hosts bring in other organizations to display as a method to earn extra funds? 

Yes. If you would like to bring in outside organizations to display for a set fee, you are welcomed to do that. 


Is there a minimum attendance for the workshop? 

Yes. The chart below the form on the right will define the minimum attendance for our traditional hosting agreements. 


Is it difficult to meet the minimum? 

No! If a host does his/her job and advertise, usually meeting the minimum is not difficult. The hosts that struggle to accomplish that are the ones that don't advertise. Throwing the info one time on one Facebook page does not constitute "effective advertising". Hosts do need to work a little to get the word out. People need to know about it in order to attend. :) 


How do I get started? 

It's simple! Just fill out the form on the right. Our office will get the information and contact you ASAP. 


Do I have to know my intended date before I send the form? 

No. We are happy to work that out with you, however any attempt at guessing a date, even listing just a month or two you are considering for the workshop gives us a springboard to begin the process. Just remember we need time to plan it so starting at least 7 weeks out is a good idea. The earlier the better. 


How do we tell you we want to use a standard speaker agreement instead of the hosting agreement? 

No problem: Just mention it in the comment section of the form. 


When can I start advertising the workshop? 

When the hosting agreement is signed and approved.


BSL Workshops Held in States Denoted in Dark Blue

Minimum Attendance Chart for Standard Hosting Agreements

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