Free Classes for Refugees

Support for Abused &

Impoverished Deaf Children

Accessible Deaf Events



As a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization Gate Communications relies on public funds to survive! Your donations make it possible for us to bless the lives of people across the street and across the globe. Where does your money go? 


  • It goes to support free Sign Language classes for individuals like Samuel, a Deaf refugee from Sudan. 

  • It goes towards supporting kids in extreme poverty and kids severely abused like these boys you see on the left. All of whom have faced some of the most extreme and horrific circumstances any child could face. 

  • It goes towards funding Deaf Accessible events in Tennessee so our community can have safe places of equality. 

  • It goes towards outreach programs to help hurting individuals in the Deaf Community within our borders. 

  • It goes towards keeping the lights on,  the insurance policies & rent paid, allowing us to continue to make a difference in the lives of the Deaf world. 


Your funds change lives! They do! Our motto is "Changing the World ONE person at a time." Reaching people and changing lives takes money. It costs money to buy the gifts we send, it costs money to set up programs, it costs money to send food, it costs money to rent facilities for events, it costs money to keep cable on. Our staff goes above and beyond with their time to keep everything running at the absolutely most minimum cost. We genuinely believe in what we do. 


If you want to make a difference too, then please take a moment to donate. Your money won't lie dead in this organization but brings life to hearts and lives, and creates endless smiles. Your money opens doors for love, for education, for change, and for accessibility. 


Thank you! 


Encouragement for Hurting individuals in the Deaf Community

General Funding Support



Are my donations tax-deductible? 

YES! We are a national non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. All donations made whether financial or in-kind are tax deductible. 


Does Gate send contribution statements? 

Yes! Every January we send contribution statements for the previous year's donations. 


Can I send donations through the mail instead of donating online? 

Yes! Send donations directly to our office at: 

Gate Communications

330 Mallory Station Rd. #10

Franklin, TN 37067-2860



Who do I make checks payable to? 

Gate Communications


Does Gate need monthly donations? 

YES! As a non-profit organization we could not survive without monthly donations!


Can I donate in memory of someone? 

YES! We will send a memorial note to a person of your choosing. In addition we will acknowledge your loved one on our website. We would love to help honor the memory of those you love.