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People all around the U.S. and even the world are interested in learning to "speak" and interpret in American Sign Language. ASL is a beautiful language with a unique syntax and lexicon and a rich history all it's own. If you are interested in Sign Language / Interpreting classes this is a great starting point. Gate has basic to the most advanced classes. Gate also has specialized courses. They are available in our office, online, and at alternative sites.  Find out more information by clicking on the links below. Commonly asked questions are at the bottom of the page. You can also request additional information by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. 


Interested in taking classes in ASL? You have come to the right place. We teach individualized collegiate level courses. These classes are great for beginners or individuals with a few classes under their belt who need advanced refresher courses. For information click below:


Do you want to walk through an entire interpreting training program, or need some assistance after graduating from a previous college? We are here to help. Click below and find out what our ITP has to offer. 


Interested in learning Sign Language to communicate with a Deaf family member, a child with Down Syndrome, a child with a speech disability, or an aging parent? Are you a health care worker, a medical care worker, or a public service employee who needs to communicate with Deaf members of the public. We can create a class that specifically meets your needs! Click on the link below to find out more.  


Do you want to become an interpreter? This is a great place to start. Click below to see the classes Gate has to offer for interpreting students and interpreters wanting mentoring, and to find answers to the many questions interpreting students have. From basic interpreting courses to NIC prep to Performance Interpreting, we have classes for you!


Do you want to take Sign Language or Interpreting courses but don't have access to classes near your home? We have taught online students as close as Middle Tennessee and as far away as Australia. All you need is high speed internet and Skype. It's that simple. Click below to find out more!


Are you an Artist or an Actor who wants to communicate with your Deaf fans? You have come to the perfect place! Whether you want to learn a single song in Sign Language, or you want to learn basic communication, this is the place to start! Click below to find out more! 

If you would like email us directly, feel free! Contact our office manager by CLICKING HERE

What size are the in office classes? 

All classes are one-on-one private tutorials unless larger classes are requested and set up by the students themselves. 


Where are the classes held? 

Middle Tennessee students usually attend classes at the Gate office in Franklin. Distance students can attend classes from any location where they have phone/internet service. 


How much do classes cost? 

Private Tutorials: $38/hr for a single student. Prices change as student numbers in an individual class grows. 

Online Group Classes: $25/class.


When do classes start/stop?

Private tutorials start/stop according to your schedule and according to the availability of the instructors. Online group classes start on a more defined schedule. Check out our ONLINE CLASS page for more information. 


What pace do the instructors work at? 


Online Group Classes follow a more standard collegiate pace. 


How long does it take to get through a single class? 

Private Tutorials: Assume a class is 16 weeks. A student can finish them faster or take much longer. We work at the pace of the students. Specialized classes don't have a specific target date. 

Online Group Classes: Approximately 10 weeks per class. 


Can we take more than one class at a time. 



How many classes can students can take a week. 

Up to 4 hours a week are allowed for Private Tutorials, but it is based on the availability of the instructors.  

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