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Gate Communications offers a wide range of workshops for Sign Language Interpreters and schools/organizations serving the Deaf. To see a list of our available workshops, take a look below! Don't see what you are looking for? Have no fear. We take requests. Simply contact our office and we can discuss your ideas and how we can serve you. 


Gate's workshops are easy to host! Hosts only have 3 responsibilities: location, advertising and accessibility. That's it! Gate takes care of the rest! We even provide you with advertising materials. You will never find an easier workshop to manage. For more information about hosting, CLICK HERE!




(Interpreting Workshop)

.3 - 3.5 PS CEUs


Our most popular interpreting workshops all stem from the Bringing the Stage to Life series. There are presently 5 workshops in the series: Bringing the Stage to Life: Extended, BSL II, Bringing the Stage to Life: THEATRE, Bringing WORSHIP to Life, and our weeklong intensive, BSL NASHVILLE. These workshops have been held in 23 states and have been attended by people from 3 countries. If you have an interest in interpreting music or theatre, these are workshops you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! They are full of laughter, full of support, and overstuffed with information! Everyone leaves impacted from the newest to the most advanced of interpreters. For more information, click below: 


(Interpreting Workshop)

.3 - .8 PS CEUs


Many interpreters today are required to interpret in foreign language environments. For educational interpreters this is a difficult task. Every Deaf student has a different set of needs, and every foreign language has a different set of challenges. This workshop helps educational interpreters manage those challenges felt in academic settings. It challenges interpreters to put themselves in the shoes of the Deaf and to deeply analyze how effective their interpretations are. There are opportunities for significant hands on practice [available in the longer workshops]. This is a great and challenging workshop available in versions ranging from 3 - 8 hours. 


(Interpreting Workshop)

.8 - 1.175 PS CEUs


Interpreting in the church is difficult. Challenges range from working with the personal spiritual preparation, to pastoral staff interaction, to development of personal boundaries, to getting technical needs met, to managing the unique and complicated vocabulary and concepts. This workshop tackles all those issues. This is a spiritually challenging workshop and it is very informative. Attendees will leave educated and impacted. 


(Accessibility Workshop)



Businesses from hotels to retail organizations are attempting to serve the Deaf either due to legal requirements or with the hopes of serving this consumer base more effectively. Most businesses lack the knowledge needed to effectively manage the logistic and cultural needs of Deaf individuals. This brief workshop helps businesses to finally improve their customer service to the Deaf, service to the Deaf employees, and in the process keep their businesses legal.



Bringing WORSHIP to Life TOO

Bringing the Stage to Life: THEATRE ACT II

Get REAL!!

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