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How often are these classes offered? 

Spring Summer and Fall semesters 

What classes are presently offered?

INTRO to ASL I (ASL Part 1)


How long will classes run? 

13 - 15 weeks, depending on the class

What online programs are used? 

Canvas & GoReact [See logos/links to listed here]

What is involved in the classes? 

These are standard collegiate classes offered at a lighter pace.

Note there will be: ​

  • Reading Homework

  • Practical Homework

  • Quizzing

  • Speeches 

  • Final Exam

What topics are covered? 

  • Deaf Culture

  • ASL Vocabulary

  • ASL Structure

When are the classes uploaded? 

Classes are uploaded/unlocked on Fridays. 

Is there unlimited time to complete the coursework? 

The classes do have a specific time track they follow, but we will not lock each module weekly, so students can catch up if they fall behind. 

Is there a great deal of feedback in the classes?

Yes there is! 

What will I need?

In addition to your text and standard supplies, you will need a computer with a webcam and high-speed internet access. 

Are these classes accredited? 

No. These are not accredited, however you should be able to test out of

accredited collegiate classes once the two sections per class are completed. 

How many people are accepted into one class?

Up to 15 per semester.

Can I just audit the class or will I be required to do the homework? 

You can audit the class and not be responsible for homework.  

If I have had some ASL would this class be too easy? 

That all depends on how much experience you have. Most students will find much of the information new even if they have completed ASL in the past. We have often heard "I had no idea I could learn so much in ASL I!" 

What is the cost of the classes? 

  • Fee for the text book.

  • $25/Week

  • There is also a one time cost per quarter for use of GoReact.

How does payment work? 

These classes must be paid in full in advance or they can be paid weekly via a credit card on file.

Class payment needs to be established for this course before students are allowed to login. 
Payments are made even if students fall behind until students officially drop the class. 

When does the next class begin?

February 2023

How do you set up classes? 

Fill out the form HERE.

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