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There are so many ways to give to non-profits, and in-kind donations are a powerful way to help! In-kind donations might show up in the form of donated office supplies, donated food, donated office equipment, donated gift items, donated clothing, or more. In-Kind donations make it possible to help clothe people, to print papers on a laser printer, to encourage people who are broken, or assist with creating a computer lab for impoverished Deaf children. Your donations are appreciated! Whether you have an iPad you no longer need, a pile of sweaters you are hoping to donate, a box of new books which you believe can encourage people, or gift cards you hope can be used to feed the needy, we can help turn your gifts into smiles. People donate regularly, but there is ALWAYS a need for more. Please consider donating today! 





To donate to a foreign residential school for the Deaf:

  • New clothing

  • Gently used clothing (clothing in good condition)

  • School supplies

  • Art supplies 

  • Computers 

  • iPads/Tablets 

  • Accessibility devices 

  • Accessibility equipment 

  • Construction supplies 

  • Sewing supplies 

  • Hairdressing supplies 

  • Baking supplies

  • Bedding 

  • Toiletries 

  • Bath supplies 

  • Bunk bed matresses 


To donate to the Gate office: 

  • Computer equipment 

  • Printing equipment 

  • Office supplies 

  • New novelties for gifts

  • New books for gifts 

  • New/Used Sign Language books 

  • New/Used Sign Language DVDs

  • New/Used Interpreting books

  • New/Used Interpreting DVDs

  • Office furniture 

  • Cleaning supplies 

  • Ink/toner 

  • Kitchen appliances/supplies 



School gift cards needed: 

  • Department store cards 

  • Gas cards

  • Office store cards 

  • Fast food gift cards 

  • Restaurant cards 

Gate needs gift cards too! Some we used for outreach gifts, some we use for our office, but all are helpful!


Company gift cards needed: 

  • Department store cards 

  • Gas cards

  • Office store cards 

  • Fast food gift cards 

  • Restaurant cards 

  • Starbucks cards 



Are my donations tax-deductible? 

YES! We are a national not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. All donations made whether financial or in-kind are tax deductible. 


Does Gate send contribution statements? 

Yes! Every January we send contribution statements for the previous year's donations. 


Can I send donations through the mail instead of donating online? 

Yes! Send donations directly to our office at: 

Gate Communications

330 Mallory Station Rd. #10

Franklin, TN 37067-2860




Try out Capital One Shopping next time you shop for in-kind donations online. This link can help you save money while supporting the Deaf Community!

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