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As a Christian organization, Gate Communications provides Christian interpreting services for religious services, events, counseling and all the additional opportunities provided to Deaf attendees of religious outreaches. Gate also provides platform interpreting services for Christian conferences nationwide. Gate's services are unique, as our interpreters are all committed Christians who share the same general values as Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox faiths. Here you will find people who want to do more than provide a great service, they want to change lives and share the love of Christ through their skills, professionalism, and kind hearted presentation. 




How do we effectively provide services for our Deaf attendees?


Don't overlook their needs. Deaf people are often considered a nuissance and a burden, but statistics have shown that less than 2% of Deaf people are saved. The Deaf Community needs Christ and they deserve the best that churches can offer them. 


Ask your attendees what they need. Each Deaf person is different, and their needs and preferences are different. A short conversation and a little effort on the part of a church can change a Deaf individual's church experience completely, and in the end can change their eternity. Please take the time to reach out to them and love them. 


How do we set up interpreting services? 


Contact our office, we are here to help! We will do our best to provide an interpreter which is a great fit for you! To make the experience even more effective for the Deaf, remember to consider lighting, sound, location, and preparation. With proper placement and equipment, and a set-list in advance interpreters can do the their most effective work!


We have someone in our church who knows a little bit of sign. Can we use that individual? 


When considering using an inexperienced interpreter, put yourself into the shoes of the attendee. Watching an inexperienced interpreter is a lot like watching a first grader preach. You might gain something from it, but it isn't presented at the same depth, intensity and impact as an anointed adult preacher. A young preacher will often be awkward, inconsistent, even inaccurate in their word choices. They lack the experience, the knowledge and the power of an adult. Volunteers who have learned sign outside of a formal program are often providing an equivalent service. The intention is good, the product, not so much. The overall question then becomes, how do you want your pastors and music leaders represented? 


Providing a low quality interpreter sends a message, "The Hearing deserve the best preaching but the Deaf do not." Remember, the interpreter is the "Sound System" for the Deaf, and they serve as the voice of the pastors while they are performing their duties. 


We believe the Deaf are worthy of providing a skilled interpreter. The message is too important and the people's access to eternity is too critical to ignore. 


What does it take to start a Deaf ministry? 


Interested? We are happy to help guide you. Contact our office for more details and suggestions. 


How do we advertise the presence of an interpreter? 


We can help guide you. Call our office and we will give you quick tips which can make your efforts effective. 




Contact our office today at 615-435-8929

Nicole C. Mullen signs "Redeemer"



Sign Language is in the Bible? When John's father was asked what his name would be, his speech had been taken so the Bible saYS 


"He made signs to them..."


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