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Most interpreters are familiar with the signs for Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, but what about Fargo, ND, Boise, ID, or Omaha, NE? Many interpreters find themselves in receptive or expressive situations where city and state name signs would provide a critical link to the ideal interpretation. If you are an interpreter, this DVD will be an incredible resource for you! VRS/VRI Interpreters, Educational Interpreters, and Political Interpreters, this will be a life saver! 

* 2-DVD set with over 400 signs provided by schools for the Deaf, interpreters, agencies and deaf interpreters
* 25 state-related trivia questions and answers
* Blooper reel
* Menus allowing viewer to view the states, intro and bloopers individually or the DVD as a whole
* State shapes featured with every sign
* Sign providers listed with each state

Copyright 2012

Interpreting Tidbits: CITIES & STATES

$40.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
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