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Gate Communications provides general and specialized Sign Language Interpreting services locally, and nationally by special request. Gate's services range from Educational, Medical, and Mental Health to Performance and Religious. The country's leading Performance Interpreting Instructor is on staff at Gate Communications. 



Gate offers personalized Sign Language Classes for students wanting to learn basic sign language in order to communicate with the Deaf,  for students wanting a serious collegiate level education in Sign Language, and for students wanting to develop skills leading to national interpreter certification we offer a full ITP/IPP program. 


Gate offers local organizations specialized workshops in Sign Language, Deafness, and Accessibility.


Gate provides specialized classes to individuals or family members with Down Syndrome, to Deaf foreigners/refugees, individuals working in emergency services, and to parents
of Deaf children. 


Gate teaches interpreter workshops across the country providing a wide range of topics from Performance Interpreting to Foreign Language Interpreting.


Gate has crossed our borders to provide schools, individuals and organizations in foreign countries education on how to better serve their Deaf Communities. 



Gate has a passion for accessibility. Our favorite community events have been state wide or interstate events such as Deaf Day at the Zoo, Deaf Day at the Aquarium, Deaf Day at the Predators, etc. To date, Gate Communications has hosted the largest Deaf events in the state of Tennessee. 


Gate also has provided a wide range of community events such as dance classes, silent dinners, movie nights and skating events. 



Gate is about people! Accessibility and education are powerful tools to impact lives, but outreach changes hearts. Gate serves the Deaf Community locally and nationally through The Barnabas Project (our Deaf Community encouragement program), through funding a variety of international outreaches, through our donated education to new adoptive parents of Deaf children and refugees, and through our work with foreign Deaf Communities. 


Gate also takes our outreach to the educational world providing an intimate, loving and supportive environment at our workshops allowing the hearts of interpreters to heal after extensive abuse and oppression. We want to do far more than provide services, we want to LOVE and we strive to do that every day. 


Gate has a motto:

"Changing the world ONE person at a time"

and that is exactly what we strive to do

by what we do and how we do it. 


We hope we can impact your life too! 



Gate Communications is a non-profit organization which serves the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Interpreting Communities locally, nationally, and internationally.


Gate is a publically funded organization which means all donations to Gate are tax deductible. 


We strive to serve everyone in the greater Deaf Community. We offer a wide range of services, and a whole lot of love. Take a moment to peruse the list of services below and find out more about our little company with a big heart. 

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