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Are you an interpreter or an interpreting student in the US, Canada, or on an American island? This workshop is for YOU! Every day of our interpreting careers we are faced with the challenge of how effectively translate and interpret for our consumers, but sadly most of the time our perspective is one sided and we miss the inclusion of AFFECT.  

AFFECT is critical! Statistics show 90 - 94% of communication is solely based on AFFECT, so why do interpreters spend 90% of their time focused on only 10% of the communication? It makes no sense. Here we will look at the ethics of affect, we will see how affect is used by the Hearing and the Deaf, we will evaluate famous moment of affect on the big and little screen, then tackle affect practice in every venue from educational, to VRS, to platform, to legal, to performance interpreting! We will tackle affect for all ages, varieties of cultures and personality types addressing the intentional and unintentional communication people express through their affect. We will strive to create the most equivalent environments possible and when it's all said and done your consumers will be be blown away by how your interpretations come to life! This workshop will give you a completely new perspective about what an effective interpretation is, and how to present it.

With that Gate Communications is excited to present the 7th workshop in the BSL (Bringing the Stage to Life) series, but this one doesn't just target performance interpreting, but rather effective interpreting in all venues by addressing the much overlooked affect expressed at the source! Welcome to Bringing AFFECT to Life!  


Join us for this crazy, hilarious and active workshop like none you have attended before! 

Up to 1.175 PS CEUs


2 DAY (12.75 Hours – 1.175 PS CEUs): 
FRIDAY 6:15 PM – 9:30 PM

SATURDAY 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

- ASL faux pas'

- The ethics of affect 

- Affect in attire

- The Deaf experience

- Human cues

- Speaker's techniques

- Affect across all fields of interpreting - LIVE PRACTICE


1 DAY (9.5 Hours – .85 PS CEUs): 
SATURDAY 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

- The ethics of affect 

- Affect in attire

- The Deaf experience

- Human cues

- Speaker's techniques

- Affect across all fields of interpreting - LIVE PRACTICE



(3.25 Hours - .325 PS CEUs): 
6:15 PM – 9:30 PM 
For our mini-workshops, you can pick 2 topics from the above list and we will formulate a personalized workshop for you. 




I am tired of boring workshops, is it FUN?


There is a possibility we laugh harder at this workshop than almost any of our workshops. This IS FUN! 


Will I actually learn something?


YES! If fact by the end you will hope we stop teaching you more! Most interpreters tell us that they are happy if they leave a workshop learning one new concept. The goal: Just to take "something" away. Our workshops seek to cram your brain with new ideas, new philosophies, new skills, and challenge you to think outside the box. You will learn!


Do you hand out notes?


Nope, we hand out huge workbooks! We have packed the Worship booklet with page after page of incredibly helpful information! We work very hard to get a LOT of information in before you walk out the door. 


Who teaches the workshop?


Visit our PRESENTER page to find out more. 


Is this an active workshop or one where participants sit most of the time?


ACTIVE! We study grammar and ethics briefly then spend a tremendous amount of time evaluating interpreters and practicing these techniques in a safe and hilarious environment! 


Do participants get feedback?


YES! An enormous amount of feedback. If you do NOT want feedback this isn't the workshop for you. Peers will evaluate each other, local Deaf volunteers will often be available for evaluation (the host will provide those individuals) and the presenter will give as much feedback as possible to individuals. This workshop will push you and challenge you! All feedback is warm and fuzzy, but it is honest as well. We don't want to coddle you and keep you from growing, but we are a fan of a loving and safe environment so we want to shower you with smiles and hugs as well. 


Where can I use these skills?


EVERYWHERE! Educational interpretation, religious interpretation, platform interpreting, performance interpreting, VRS work, even interpreting in the medical and legal fields! This workshop hits every interpreting job an interpreter will ever have!


I get intimidated when I interpret in front of people; will this be that type of environment?


NO! NO! NO! This workshop is not for people with an ego. This workshop is for humble interpreters who want to be challenged and want to grow and want to support each other as we all experiment with dressing up our interpretations.



Want to have some fun? Play with a few of these facial expressions taught by an expert in the field. 

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