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Up to 1.175 PS CEUs


You attended the BSL I workshop, you learned a lot but there was so much information in so little time! You now have a full understanding of the basics of Performance Interpreting, but how do you learn more? Well, this is the answer! The BSL II workshop is all about taking the ideas and theories taught in the Bringing the Stage to Life Workshop and going the extra step of practicing these theories and perfecting them individually and as a group. This workshop is full of examples of how to perfect a song from start to finish, and have no fear there is plenty of time to see examples of performances as individuals come with completed songs, and the instructor performs a small "educational concert" helping students to see these theories put into action in a variety of different settings. There are a few surprises as well that we are going to keep secret... so get excited! It's BSL II time!



I didn't attend Bringing the Stage to Life - EXTENDED, so can I attend this workshop?


YES! We have some review to help get you caught up. We always recommend attending the BSL-E first but have no fear you will be able to follow along and learn and grow if you didn't have that opportunity. 


I heard in BSL II there is an opportunity to perform live and be evaluated. Is that true?


YES! We will accept up to 6 individuals to perform live in front of the group and be evaluated. We ask you to sign up for that prior to the workshop. Any song is acceptable as long as it is "family friendly". 


Is this an active workshop?


Yes! We a hilarious activity, and of course extensive live practice. We also bring in opportunities to do more group work at this workshop. 


Does this workshop focus on just music?


We tackle music and musical theatre. 


I heard you do make-overs at this workshop. Is that true? 


That is correct. We have a section on make-up at this workshop and one or two people will be made over to look elderly (used in musical theatre) or in keeping with the palette of an artist. 


Do participants get feedback at this workshop?


YES! An enormous amount of feedback. If you do NOT want feedback this isn't the workshop for you. Peers will evaluate each other, local Deaf volunteers will often be available for evaluation (the host will provide those individuals) and the presenter will give as much feedback as possible to individuals. This workshop will push you and challenge you! All feedback is warm and fuzzy, but it is honest as well. We don't want to coddle you and keep you from growing, but we are a fan of a loving and safe environment so we want to shower you with smiles and hugs as well. 


I feel I need more practice in how to talk to technicians at the venues. Do we discuss that more in depth at this workshop? 


YES! This workshop tackles even more of the business, and does spend added time on how to interact with the crew. It's an important skill to learn!


Who teaches the workshop?


Visit our PRESENTER page to find out more. 









2 DAY (12.75 Hours – 1.175 PS CEUs): 
FRIDAY 6:15 PM – 9:30 PM

SATURDAY 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

• Review
• Performance Interpreting Evaluation 
• Individual Skills Practice 
• Performance Development Start to Finish 
• Glossing & ASL Imagery
• Group Song Development 
• Group Performance & Evaluation


1 DAY (9.5 Hours – .85 PS CEUs): 
SATURDAY 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

• Review
• Performance & Evaluation 
• Individual Skills Practice 
• Glossing & ASL Imagery
• Group Song Development 
• Group Performance & Evaluation



The BSL II workshop could possily be modified for a mini-workshop upon request. 

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