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Multilingual Interpreting

March 18th, 2017


An English speaking interpreter walks into a French class. How does he/she interpret for that? 


An English speaking interpreter walks into a doctor's appointment and the consumer is from Mexico. How does he/she deal with that? 


An interpreter stands up at church to interpret the worship service and the pastor announces the day's music is a children's choir from Kenya. What is an interpreter to do? 


These scenarios happen every day for interpreters from coast to coast. What should an interpreter do? How do you make an impossible situation like these "possible"? There are ways to take such complicated stories and turn them into successful on the job experiences. It starts with the Multilingual Interpreting workshop! 


Whether you are a student or a professional interpreter, this workshop is right for you! Come join us for this free workshop in Nashville,


This is the ONLY time this is being offered at NO COST. Limited free space is available so do not wait to sign up! 

By signing up for the workshop, you are agreeing to allow videotaping of the workshop, and the free use of your image and/or voice for future advertising and/or educational purposes. You also agree to imdemnify and hold harmless Gate Communications, its staff, board, volunteers, and hosts from any personal or business related loss or injury.


Cancellation Policies: Any cancelation afer March 9th will be charged a $25 fee as reimbursement for purchased materials and food. Individuals canceling prior to March 9th will not be charged a fee. 


If Gate Communications cancels due to inclement weather, the workshop will be scheduled for a later date. All registrations will be transfered to the later date. If a paid participant cannot attend at that time, their registration fees will be held and applied to a future workshop of the participants choosing of equal or lesser value. 


PCRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. These Professional Studies programs are offered for the CEU’s listed above at the Little/None Content Knowledge Level



Workshop Location: 

Nashville Public Library

Conference Center

615 Church St

Nashville, TN 37219




Workshop Times: 

9:30 AM - 2:30 PM SATURDAY 




No pre-established knowledge of the content is required. 



FREE to the first 35 people. Reduced rate for materials will be offered to any individuals registering once the pre-established registration cap is full.  







What environments are covered? 

- Classroom Interpreting

- Freelance Interpreting Environments

- Religious Interpreting Environments


Who is teaching the workshop? 

Gate's Executive Director: Samantha Terzis CI/CT


What languages are discussed? 

Spanish, French, German, Swahili, etc. 


Are only spoken foreign languages discussed or are foreign signed languages also discussed? 

Both spoken and signed languages. 


Is this workshop interactive? 

YES! Very! And what happens will surprise you. 





Want to volunteer? Interpreters might be requested, and assistance is always appreciated for set-up/tear-down, for food management, and event management on site. If you would like to volunteer, contact us! You can reach us by email at:



Workshop will be SimCommed for Deaf Attendees. If a request is made for a formal interpreter, volunteer interpreters will be pursued. Note-takers will be provided upon request. 


Questions or issues with registration?

Contact our office at 615-435-8929 V or

615-224-8058 VP or through email at

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