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Thompson's Station, TN  

[Greater Nashville Area]


2.9 PS CEUs

Sadly due to the Nashville tornado, followed by the immediate outbreak of the Coronavirus, followed by the Nashville bombing, our poor town has suffered too much to hold WORSHIP NASHVILLE until 2022. We will miss the incredible laughter, the love filled tears, and new family members we gain every year we hold the event. We will miss our new 2021 family. Having said that, we will do hope and pray we will be back for 2022 to graduate our next class. We ill miss you all!



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Welcome to Bringing WORSHIP to Life: NASHVILLE, the 8th workshop in the BSL (Bringing the Stage to Life) series. This workshop is our second intensive training. The first, BSL NASHVILLE, was the only workshop of its kind in the world, where people from around the globe could come together in Nashville to learn to interpret all types of music with new life and new passion, making music more accessible to the Deaf than ever. Bringing WORSHIP to Life NASHVILLE takes that vision a step further for individuals in Bible based religious settings. This workshop starts with the inside of the interpreter, and works out, refining our hearts, our character and our vision, followed by refining one's glossing (translation) and performance skills. Unlike most professional workshops, it unites home grown interpreters, with interpreting students, professionals, and even with Deaf consumers. It will radically reshape everyone's perspective of what it means to be an interpreter in the church. All of this occurs in a beautiful retreat on the outskirts of Nashville, TN, Music City, USA.


Join us for a life changing event. This event will renew and restore the hearts of interpreters, it will reshape their vision and skills, and with laughter and some fun times together, it will provide some much needed respite.


Join us for this incredible journey into interpreting worship.   



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