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Applying is easy!

  • Download the application

  • Fill out the application completely

  • Find a personal photo or two which represents "you". It can be formal or fun. We are flexible. 

  • Grab your phone or computer and make a video for us:

    • STEP 1: Tell us about yourself using sign language, with or without your voice. 
      (This doesn't need to be signed perfectly. We just want to get to know you.)


    • STEP 2: Tell us why you want to attend this workshop. Yes we want you to sign that too. You can speak if you would like, but keep those hands in the air.

    • STEP 3: Sign 2 songs for us​

      • One worship song​

      • One popular Christian song (not worship). All genres of Christian music are accepted from pop - hip hop.

  • Send us your application, photo, and videos/video links electronically or via the mail:​

    • ​Electronic submissions:​
    • Snail mail submissions:​

      • Create a DVD/Flash Drive of your videos

      • Package your videos, photo(s), & application 

      • Send them to:
        Gate Communications
        Bringing WORSHIP to Life: NASHVILLE
        330 Mallory Station Road #10
        Franklin, TN 37067


Do not be concerned about video quality.
Quality of the video will not impede your ability to be accepted.

Do not be concerned with making your glosses perfect.
We are looking for potential not perfection.




Gate Communications is excited to get to know you. Make sure you take the time to fill out the application completely. Individuals will be evaluated on a variety of factors including a) skills b) experience c) philosophies & d) application date, etc. Experienced interpreters are not necessarily accepted over advanced students. A variety of individuals will be chosen at all levels of skill and experience. In the end, up to 27 people will be accepted into the Bringing WORSHIP to Life NASHVILLE class + up to 10 primary runner-ups. From there a waiting list will be created. All applicants will be informed if they were accepted in the current class, as a runner-up for the current class, or have been placed on the waiting list. If for some reason one of the primary winners cannot attend, the next available runner-up will be offered the position. We strongly encourage runner-ups to be preparing their schedule and budget to attend, as it is likely they will be offered a position in the current class.



Due to the Government's limitations on large gatherings during the pandemic, BWLN has been canceled in 2020.
We look forward to seeing you all next year!


Last Date to Submit Applications:  

General Acceptance Letters Sent:  

If you are facing an extreme circumstance and need additional time (such as surgery, loss of spouse, flooded home, etc) or have just heard about the workshop late or past the application date, contact our office and see if there is a possibility of submitting a late application. You can contact our office at 


You can download the application below.  Click on the link to begin the process. We suggest you download the application (icon in top right corner), then open it in Adobe Reader. Once open in Adobe Reader, look to the right and find "Fill & Sign", click on that then complete the document, save, and return to our office with the rest of your application. 



If you are interested in a scholarship application, contact our office at:

Thanks for your interest! We wish you the best of luck!


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals who are fallible. We want real people... real students, real interpreters, and real book trained signers who are not perfect, individuals who want to be mentored, and given ideas for change. We want people who are excited to stand alongside professionals and non-professionals, people with different levels of language skills and experience and embrace everyone with enthusiasm and an understanding we all have something to bring to the table. We want people without egos, people who lack criticism and negativity; people who are positive, motivated, and determined to grow. We want people who are ready to tackle what's on the inside of their hearts and souls before they tackle their skills. We are looking for people ready to put down their walls and personal defenses, and open themselves up with vulnerability to the Lord, because when we let go of our baggage, we become free to worship with abandon. We want people who are ready to open up and be their best on the inside and out.

This is the perfect workshop for you if: 

  • ... you believe in God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. 

  • ... you have a passion for Jesus & want to grow in your relationship with Christ. 

  • ... you use the Bible as a guide for your life. 

  • ... you love the idea of getting feedback to help you grow.

  • ... you love the idea of mentoring and being mentored.

  • ... you are willing to get vulnerable. 

  • ... you are willing to push yourself. 

  • ... you are willing to try something new. 

  • ... you know you have room to grow as an interpreter and want to press in and grow.

  • ... you love the idea of developing a new interpreter family.

  • ... you have a passion for Deaf Ministry.

  • ... you are passionate about Christian / Worship music. 

  • ... you want to make your worship as impacting for the Deaf as it is for the Hearing. 

By registering for the workshop, you are agreeing to allow videotaping of the workshop, and the free use of your image and/or voice for future advertising and/or educational purposes. You also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Gate Communications, its staff, board, volunteers, and hosts from any personal or business related loss or injury.

Gate promotes learning environments based on love and respect. We are organization which thrives on the administration of anti-ego, anti-criticism, anti-discrimination, and anti-drama based environments. We believe we are coming together as imperfect humans all striving to improve our skills and our character without judgement of our fellow interpreters, students, and community members. Gate Communications loves people! We do not discriminate. 


PCRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. These Professional Studies programs are offered for the CEUs listed above at the Little/None Content Knowledge Level

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