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Deer Run Camp
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A Retreat, or a Workshop...

or BOTH?

Why not have a workshop on a beautiful camp site? The primary portions of the workshop will be on a single site. Attendees will be all staying in a lodge, with individual bedroom/bathroom combinations. Floor beds, bunks, and lofts are available for guests. Breakfast and dinner is served in the lodge, and lunch is served at another location on campus. The actual workshop will be in an alternative spot at the camp, which campers will walk over to daily. Saturday we will rent the lake for a few hours so attendees can enjoy canoeing/kayaking, a small zip line, swimming, a small water park, and lounging by the water. We will be off site for a welcome and goodbye dinner, for shopping excursions, and possibly for a little live practice in town. Attendees will have an amazing opportunity to build camaraderie as they spend time lounging together. The lodge is entirely ours, which means all attendees can make use of the lodge fireplaces, balconies, rocking chairs, fire pits, gaming boards etc, in their off hours. People who love the outdoors can also hike the grounds enjoying the lake or creeks near the lodge. It's an incredible place to host a workshop, and an incredible site to fill the soul.  

Location & Housing

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