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This event is specifically open to graduates of BSL NASHVILLE. 



Grads! You know our expectations! Who should not apply? 

  • Complainers: You know how much we love complainers. If you have fallen into that mindset, we love you, but would love to love you from a distance. 

  • Critical Individuals: You know we want to create a positive, loving, and safe environment.  Criticism of participants, criticism of staff, volunteers, bus drivers, servers, etc etc etc  is not welcomed. Love, joy, support... y'all know these are the defining characteristics of BSLN.  

  • The Blameless: Y'all know we want people who are able to say "I made a mistake" not "it isn't my fault". We think that is a sign of maturity, and professional interpreters need to exude maturity at all times. If you can do no wrong, ya probably need to do that at home. 

  • Feedback Haters: We have only had a handful of participants who have been feedback haters over the years, but if you were one of those people, this workshop isn't for you. This workshop will have 2 days of feedback either from peers or Mama Sam, so if that's you, definitely, stay safe at home.

  • The Easily Offended:  Offended interpreters are NOT professional interpreters. You know we will love you deeply. You know your fellow grads will love you deeply. Of course not everyone will agree with each other's sign choices, interpretations, lifestyles, religion, politics, dog/cat preferences, hair color, tattoo usage, etc. In the end, we expect all participants will attend only if they choose to leave ALL potential offenses at home. We can love each other amid our differences.  

  • The Ethically Challenged: Clearly as an interpreter workshop, we support ethical behavior. Legal ethics? If you have sticky fingers, it's better to stay sticky at home. Professional ethics? If you feel honoring the CPC is optional, this isn't an ideal spot to hang for the weekend, as we are very supportive of the RID CPC in it's entirety. 

  • The Agenda Driven: Passion is awesome. Gate is packed with passionate individuals. You might be very passionate about the pandemic, world events, politics, religion, etc., however as we will be packed with people carrying differing opinions, this workshop is ideal for people who can remain conflict free in spite of our individual perspectives and opinions. We want people who can avoid hot topics, and remain happy go lucky and gooey throughout the workshop. If you cannot take a break from America's drama for the weekend, you might need to keep those passions at home. 

If these characteristics don't define you, please apply! As you see, we work hard to make this event a place guided by love. LOVE LOVE LOVE... and FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY... that's what defines this workshop, and we hope one day that will define the field in which we are a part.   



You already know we love you. We have already invested in you so this is pretty painless. 





We already know you! We won't be evaluating your skills for your application. The application is paperwork needed for workshop logistics. We do have limited space so there are some limits to acceptance.  In the end, the process is simple! Fill out the attached application, submit it, and wait to see if you snagged a spot. 




Last Date to Submit Applications:   
JUNE 4th 2021

General Acceptance Letters Sent:   

JUNE 11th 2021


Download the application:


You can download the application by starting with the link, then clicking in the top right corner on the DOWNLOAD icon. You can fill out the application online, save it to your computer/device, and directly email it to our office. 


By registering for the workshop, you are agreeing to allow videotaping of the workshop, and the free use of your image and/or voice for future advertising and/or educational purposes. You also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Gate Communications, its staff, board, volunteers, and hosts from any personal or business related loss or injury.

Gate promotes learning environments based on love and respect. We are organization which thrives on the administration of anti-ego, anti-criticism, anti-discrimination, and anti-drama based environments. We believe we are coming together as imperfect humans all striving to improve our skills and our character without judgement of our fellow interpreters, students, and community members. Gate Communications loves people! We do not discriminate. 


ICRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. These Professional Studies programs are offered for the CEUs listed above at the Some Content Knowledge Level

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