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Overall Fees


"BSLN: The Revival" will cost: $625


This fee will include:

  • Workshop fee + materials

  • Hotel accommodations during the workshop (double room) **

  • Welcome dinner

  • Breakfast every day

  • Lunch Friday & Saturday

  • Goodbye dinner Saturday

  • Transportation to & from the airport (if arriving and leaving on the designated days)

  • Transportation to & from the workshop venue  

  • Private bus transportation for group evening activities

  • And a few EXTRA SURPRISES (but it's no fun if we tell in advance)

* We prefer people pay by check. 

** Single rooms incur an additional fee.

Overall Fees


Payment Schedule:

  • 50% of the fee is due JUNE 25th for 2021

  • The remaining 50% is due JULY 9th for 2021

Cash, check, cashier's check, money order, & credit cards are accepted. 
$37 returned check fee applies.


Attendees will stay in extended stay hotel suites equipped with kitchens and a small living area. 

Additional fees apply if a single room is requested. A $100 discount applies for individuals who choose not to stay at the provided hotel [ie: stay with a friend or family member in Nashville].


Reminder: Fees do not include your travel to and from Nashville. We encourage individuals within driving distance to drive to Nashville, as many attendees enjoy driving to events and the sites of Nashville.


In some cases a payment plan can be discussed. If that is a critical need, please contact our office at Payment in full is required prior to the start of the workshop. 


Checks should be made out to Gate Communications. 
Send checks, cashier's checks, & money orders to: 


Gate Communications
BSL Nashville 
330 Mallory Station Road #10 
Franklin, TN 37067


Fundraising Suggestions

  • Often times employers will sponsor an interpreter's attendance

  • Family and friends often donate for specialized training

  • Religious organizations will often offer a scholarship or partial funding

  • Individuals can earn a lot through crazy fund raisers like car washes and/or bake sales

  • Have a special skill you often leave dormant? Often people will donate for services like photography, graphic design, clothing alterations, house painting, or even fine arts creations.


Just remember, get creative, stay positive, and give it a shot! We have seen some incredible stories come together to make the funding happen.


NOTE: We have seen the most incredible miracles happen with funding. You might think you can't attend due to funding limitations, but anyone who tries, always finds the funds, often in unlikely places. Don't let funding be what stops you from applying.


Cancelation policies:

  • Anyone canceling prior to JUNE  25th 2021 will receive a refund minus $50

  • Anyone canceling after JUNE 25th 2021 and before JULY 9th 2021 will receive a refund
    minus $150

  • No refunds will be offered after JULY 9th 2021

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