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EVALUATION (online content)

Want to be the best? You have to get good at evaluating yourself and your peers, and you need to know how to do that in love. So, this section is all about personal evaluation (done privately) and the POSITIVE EVALUATION of your peers. This section is about building family and gaining creative ideas from watching peer performances.

GLOSSING (live content)

You have learned about glossing in the first workshop. We will dive in further with more complicated sign concepts, practice using classifiers, making creative visual images and creating "sign babies" marrying the ASL terms with the English image. We will address the endless challenge of double entendres, and of course how that can be used to honor your Hearing and Deaf consumers. We will delve into meeting the needs of the individual consumers from the most PSE to the most ASL, and how to do that effectively. We will work corporately and in individual groups. We are going to make glossing FUN! 

ACTING 101 (live content)

You have learned how to act, now let's improve upon those skills! Here we will be honing all those skills you worked to develop in your first workshop. There will be laughing, there will be crying, there will be aggression and timidity practiced here. This section is to make you great at your job because if you embrace the character and let it permeate your performance you will mesmerize the Deaf audience members watching you. 


MOVEMENT / PANTOMIME (live content)

We need to work on your movement skills! Whether we are discussing working on your dance skills, rhythm skills, or your character development for radical characters, your movement can make all the difference. We will definitely tackle it here. These skills are critical for all Performance Interpreters but especially for Theatre/Musical Theatre so we are diving in with both feet, or fins, or claws, or whatever the characters require. 



You have practiced your acting, you have practiced your movement, you have practiced your pantomime/constructed action, now we need to get you to practice all your skills together. This section will have you up and moving with life and canned music from every genre! Here you will bring together all the elements of BSL NASHVILLE so you can blow your audiences away! 


Educational Objectives

(List specific observable actions by participants that will demonstrate comprehension and integration of information presented):

Attendees of this workshop will be able to model the appearance of the artists and actors they represent by using a variety of costuming and make-up techniques. This allows for a more seamless transition between the interpreter and the stage. Attendees will be able to negotiate backstage areas, understand and reiterate theatrical terminology, recognize the names and uses of theatrical equipment, appropriately interact with stage crew members, alter their signing size and energy to fit the stage environment. Attendees will be able to reiterate and explain the theories of performance interpreting. Attendees will be able to analyze how music is used to manipulate emotion within a song, and will be able to express those analyses with their own bodies and signs. Attendees will also be able to analyze the choices artists and characters make in presenting their craft, better preparing them for emulating those characteristics in their interpretations. Attendees will be able to emulate specific characteristics artists present such as gender, age, nationality, controlled use of body face and eyes, character specific pointing and gesturing, vocal characteristics, musical transitions, body movements, and they will be able to produce multiple characters simultaneously. Attendees will also be able to reproduce a range of emotions and body movements to indicate mood and thoughts in the manner actors do. Attendees will be far more adept in managing team situations with the understanding of different teaming mindsets. Attendees will be able to reproduce creative glosses which include gesturing, idiomatic expressions in both English and ASL, picture development, pantomime, as well as additional ASL elements. Attendees will be given an insider’s view of how artists write their music, and leave with an understanding of the methods and philosophies used in writing, there by being empowered to choose more effective translations.

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