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1) Workshop Binder

Each attendee will receive a special binder loaded with notes and information broken down by workshop day. These unique binders are gems to keep!










2) Visiting Guests

Nashville is an incredible place to hold a musical interpreting workshop! Here we have access to Nashville based performers who are some of the best in the business. Gate will strive to bring in well known and award winning vocalists for live practice. In addition, Gate will strive to bring in Nashville based actors. ::fingers crossed:: We might have a chance to see some famous faces on our BSL stage.


3) Field Trips

Hosting this event in Nashville means that attendees get a chance to visit and experience historical and well known performance venues (ie: The Grand Ole Opry).


4) Workshop Venue

Shamblin Auditorium is one of the most incredible Community Theatre spaces in Nashville. This tiered auditorium provides us with an enormous full stage screen for PowerPoint presentations, a stage for live practice, tables in the round for comfort in note taking and for lunches, and access to great sound, media, and lighting. This roomy auditorium will allow us plenty of space for collective work, group breakouts, and individual practice all without being cramped. The campus is gorgeous as well. If attendees want to spend time in the quad at lunch enjoying the sun, this is college campus to do it. The buildings are beautifully structured and the grounds are impeccable. You will fall in love.


5) Photo shoot

Having a quality photo for a resume or portfolio is important. We will do a brief photo shoot with all attendees. Those photos will be provided in electronic form for the use of the attendees.


6) Experienced Presenters

All presenters, whether teaching the primary workshop information or teaching brief lectures on topics like "Proper Stage Make-up Application", will be well versed and provide incredible and unique tips to attendees.


7) Live Practice & Evaluation

This workshop is more than just a note taking event, this is an active workshop with daily live practice and evaluation. Besides practice and evals at the workshops, attendees will have opportunities to experience live interpreting with audiences at local venues in the evenings.


8) Class Tee & Photo

We all need to remember the moments so all attendees will receive a special T-Shirt and 8 x 10 photo.


9) Deaf Feedback

Deaf individuals will visit the workshop, and will attend night events to provide direct feedback to interpreters. This consumer feedback is unique to the BSL workshop series and challenges interpreters to grow at a much more aggressive rate.


10) In-depth Teaching

It's one thing to attend a brief workshop on performance interpreting, but it's another to attend a week-long in-depth all inclusive workshop. This workshop does far more than scratch the surface of performance interpreting. It delves into the theories of performance interpreting, then works intensively on technique, style, skills, facial expression, body language, etc. It's a career altering workshop series.


11) Give-Aways

This is a workshop! And what is a workshop without give-aways! Yes daily attendees will receive door prizes, gifts, and memorabelia. That's just a perk we couldn't deny!










12) Family Environment

Let's face it, Performance Interpreting is intimidating. Our goal is to create an environment which allows participants a safe and free place to learn these skills, succeeding and hitting rough patches with no worries of condemnation or criticism from attendees. We heard from every graduating class that they had never experienced such a supportive environment among interpreters. We want this to be an amazing experience which will impact your career for a lifetime.

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