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  • We request all flights arrive by 5 PM at the absolute latest on Sunday. You may arrive on Saturday, but transportation and hotel will be your responsibility if you arrive prior to Sunday. Special requests for assistance can be made at the Gate Communications office.

  • 6:00 PM Bus Picks Up Attendees at Hotel

  • 7:00 PM Welcome Dinner 

  • 9:30 PM Back to Hotel


  • 8:00 AM Bus Leaves Hotel

  • 8:30 AM Workshop Begins
    Workshop day will consist of on-site education, and occasional field trips to alternatve locations. Tentative Locations for Field Trips: Grand Ole Opry / Bridgestone Arena / Tennessee Performing Arts Center, etc

  • Lunch on site 

  • 4:30 PM Workshop Ends 

  • 5:00 PM Bus Leaves for Hotel

  • Dinner on your own (The hotel is located near restaurants or attendees can eat in their hotel rooms. We will bring attendees to a local grocery store at the beginning of the week for them to pick up supplies)



Nashville has as many as 20+ shows happening every night from local bars, to worship services, from major national traveling concerts, to Off Broadway shows. Attendees will attend or interpret Nashville events up to 4 nights. Interpreters will go out in teams of 2 - 4. Students will not be allowed to interpret full events, but depending on the event may be allowed to interpret portions of the event. Attendees can choose 1 or 2 of the several tracks available for evening events. These tracks include a "Theatrical" track, a "Country Music" track a "Christian Music" track and "General Performance" track which can include pop music and a wider variety of performance options. Interpreter bookings will be made based on interpreter preferences, skill level, and experience. Attempts to get all music and scripts ahead of time will be made, however it is highly unlikely that you will be fully prepared for every show [a real world experience]. Interpreters can make special requests to not travel out in the evenings, however those requests will need to be made in advance so as to prepare us to book the proper number of events for interpreters.

Interpreted events could include:

  • Dinner Theatres (Mystery or Musical Theatre Sites)

  • Theatrical Shows (Local and Large Theatrical Sites)

  • Concerts (Larger and Smaller Venues)

  • Concerts in Bars ("Honky Tonks" or large Venues like The Wildhorse Saloon)

  • National Traveling Shows

  • Church / Worship Services

All evening interpretations will be evaluated by Deaf Community members and/or Interpreters.


Saturday is PLAY DAY!  We might hit a historic home, we might do a redneck downtown tour, but Saturday we blow off steam and pack the entire day with group bonding and go have some touristy fun!  



Goodbye Dinner, and final concert. 
The final concert will feature the participants themselves, live and in person. You have worked hard, and it's time to show your stuff! This is a great opportunity for you to take everything you learned and bring it together for one final incredible evening! Deaf Community members will join us and you will walk away with all kinds of final feedback. It's a way to end on a high note, and end with a bang!



Attendees depart for home.



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