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Prices have gone through the roof, so to keep us from having to increase the price of the event, we sought to find an available location with much lower rental costs, close to the hotel/office, a location which had the ability to meet all our needs, and one that would offer that fun vibe we were looking for... and we stumbled on this café which was once a recording studio. This adorable little café is the perfect place for our workshop allowing us the space to practice, a small stage, a sound system, a bar to serve as an eating area, and who doesn't love the cute high top cafe tables and café guitar tower all for a price which allows us to keep the workshop more affordable.  

Join us for our fun funky little workshop site! 

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Nashville downtown.jpg

BSL NASHVILLE wouldn't be same without Downtown Nashville! Most interpreters want to practice their craft so we head downtown to our many amazing music venues and interpret on Nashville stages. Don't worry, you can find time to shop while you are here. 

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