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SO MANY POSSIBLE VIDEOS... So little time... 

We don't have the space to feature everyone who has attended as we are well into the triple digits, but we grabbed a few videos which we thought would make you smile. They do us. 



Watch this powerful example of how interpreters can interact to bring the stage to life!



Watch this fun example of how an interpreter can use a costume to bring the Deaf into a performance using costuming!

Meet Erin from Las Vegas, NV.

Class of 2018


Erin shows us a beautiful example of taking on the character of a song.

Meet Allie from Southern California, Clara from Chicago, and Maxine from Australia, all 2018 grads, who pull together a last minute performance of an NSYNC song in ASL/PSE/Auslan

Meet Kelly,
Class of 2017 
New Zealand!

Kelly shows us a great example of taking on characters in a performance. Kelly is performing in NZSL.

Meet Risa, a professional interpreter from New Mexico

Class of 2018

So many interpreters hold still on stage... not Risa! She is bringing the stage
to life!

Meet Alicia, a sweet and tender Troy University student who decided to take on the Phantom... and boy did she take it on. Talk about getting outside of one's normal character. We were so proud.

Meet Nicki a VRS terp from South Dakota

Class of 2017


We were dumbfounded at the progress she made in just one week!

Meet Jennfier an

interpreting student from South Dakota

Class of 2016


A perfect example of how an interpreter can take on the characteristics of an artist in a concert setting!

Meet Stacy & Jana 2 certified interpreters from South Dakota/North Dakota

Class of 2016


Watch their rendition of  Grease

Meet Kala an ASL student from Kansas

Class of 2015


Watch her progression... 

And see how a little sass can bring the stage to life!

Meet Tanya

a certified

interpreter from Minnesota

Class of 2012, 2013, 2015, & 2016. 


She practically needs a punch card, but she has come

a long way!

Meet Gretchen

an interpreter 



Class of 2013 


She brought a slew of characters to life in her rendition of a song from
"Little Women"

Meet Becca

a "WODA" from

North Dakota

Class of 2012 


She made a lot of progress is a short amount of time.

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