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(And this doesn't even scratch the surface!) 


  • "You blew my mind!"

  • "I am definitely a better interpreter for this workshop."

  • "Extremely relevant & beneficial for the Performance Interpreting World."

  • "I have taken away skills and confidence I never would have gained otherwise."

  • "It inspired, motivated, and expanded my thoughts."

  • "I love the BSL curriculum, as I feel it gave me the tools to match honestly provide a better interpretation in my work daily and for performance."

  • "You taught me there is more to interpreting music than a great translation."

  • "Everything on every page of the workbook was informative, interesting, and necessary."

  • "I never really considered actually doing performance interpreting. Now I want more practice."

  • "I feel like there was a switch in my brain! Now when I listen to music I naturally want to show it! On top of what we learned the people we met made a huge positive impact on my professional outlook. I needed that."

  • "What a rare opportunity this was to open ourselves up to feedback and love. The positive high is still us/me and I hope to continue the love and support to impact my area."

  • "I am even MORE excited about the performance interpreting I do! I know I have a lot to improve on and I will never stop learning!"

  • "I have NEVER felt so comfortable with a bunch of strangers like this in my life."

  • "This was the most amazing and safe environment! I wish I could take this group with me wherever I go!"

  • "The environment was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I am used to very competitive environments. While everyone was motivated to improve, every person was incredibly supportive. While this is a personal choice, Sam did a great job setting up the environment and encouraging us to encourage each other."

  • "I felt that at ALL times I was not judged by anyone and there was just SO. MUCH. LOVE! I love also that the tone was set from the beginning about letting go of negativity. I think that really set the mindset of everyone and I just felt SO supported ALL the time and I LOVED that!!!! This totally changed my life and I love that I now have new friends all over the country."

  • "You are not only Bringing the Stage to Life for the Deaf, but you are doing that for Interpreters as well!"

  • "You helped me fall in love with interpreting again."

  • "You didn't just bring the stage to life for the Deaf, you brought my soul to life."

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