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We believe it is critical to create a family environment. Every BSL workshop is about love, support, care, and family. Every workshop do our best to make sure everyone feels safe, secure, and loved... very very loved. 



Historically, the Deaf have been given mediocre access to performances. Why? Interpreters have focused solely on translation (glossing) of songs. We remind participants that 90% of communication is expressed on the face and body NOT in the words which are used. So why do we spend 90% of our time working on 10% of the communication? What inspires us in music is not only what is said but HOW it is said. The pauses, the vocal inflections, the unique vocal characteristics, the energy changes, etc etc etc, all play roles in songs, and the flavor they add is what Hearing people become passionate about. The Deaf deserve that experience just like the Hearing. We do everything we can to provide equal and seamless access. The goal is not to compete with the stage but to shadow it so Deaf consumers can see a whole performance, not a performance with an attached translator... and it WORKS! Time and time again the Deaf have cried saying they didn't know they could experience the arts as they have through our graduates. Time and time again, the Deaf have begged us to train others in these philosophies. We are changing the lives of the Deaf, and in the end, the Hearing performers are more respected leaving nothing out which they work so hard to provide to their audiences. Take a look at this Deaf concert goers comments after a concert with BSL interpreters. 



Workshops shouldn't be a snooze-fest. We want to laugh. We want to cry. We want to learn a ton, but get active. We want to make the experience as positive of one as possible. Our workshops are unique, and a little crazy. Don't expect the norm. 



We do not believe you should go to a workshop in order to simply learn one thing. We believe you should leave crammed with information. We have created a workshop which WILL teach you a lot of new ideas and new philosophies, but we have created a workshop which will personally challenge your skills, in a very loving manner. You will get up and practice and we will tell you to do something different... isn't that what you pay us for? We can't change you overnight, but we will make sure you leave with info and tools and personal feedback so you are empowered to change! 


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