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Group Lecture

Bringing the Stage to Life - EXTENDED

When Hearing people attend a concert they watch their favorite artists, they have the chance to enjoy more than just the lyrics to their favorite songs, but also an artist's unique look, body language, facial expressions, vocal skills (or the lack thereof), personal idiosyncracies, and more. What causes the Hearing world to fall in love with music is far far more than merely the lyrics of a song, but rather the entire package of the artist they adore. Why can't the Deaf have the same experience? Interpreters spend 90% of their time focused on glossing (translation), when according to statistics 90% of communication doesn't reside in WHAT was said but HOW it is said. If you remove everything BUT the lyrics you have only a shell of a concert... and we wonder why many Deaf individuals are not excited about music? We can change that! It's time interpreters provide true accessibility and true equality. This workshop teaches just that. It's a game changer. For more information, click below. 

Curtain Call


BSL Extended will teach you a lot, but there is more to learn! With that we have created BSL II. This workshop reteaches the information from BSL I in part then begins longer sessions of practice utilizing the concepts learned in Bringing the Stage to Life - EXTENDED. The review helps individuals catch up with what they missed, the extensive practice and increased glossing sessions help push you even further in your skills after BSL I.  If you want to be great as a performance interpreter, this is another powerful step on your journey. For more information, click below: 



Improv Group

Bringing the Stage to Life : THEATRE

Most interpreters believe glossing skills define a great Theatrical Interpreter, however glossing is only one piece of a very large puzzle. What draws the Hearing to live shows and movies does not come solely from the dialogue but how the dialogue is represented. A great actor is natural, he has subtle facial expressions, subtle body movements, purposeful eye gaze which all comes together to create a great performance. Interpreting in the theatre is no different. The eye gaze, the movement of a hand, the glances of the eyes, a tear can all take the lifeless words on a page and give them power. This workshop teaches that power. Come join us for Bringing the Stage to Life: THEATRE, a workshop like no other theatrical workshop in the U.S.


Bringing WORSHIP TO Life

Religion touches people's lives on a very intimate level, yet the experience the Hearing have when attending the church does NOT match that of the Deaf. The Hearing often leave inspired after a passionate worship set, but the Deaf often leave untouched, bored, and definitely uninspired. We want the Deaf to have the same chances as the Hearing. We want the Deaf to know when a worship leader has incredible vibrato, intense high notes, or has no ability to stay on tune. We want the Deaf to have the opportunity to enter the presence of God through music. That can happen with the right interpreter. The interpreter is the voice of the Worship Leader, and they have the ability to bring God closer, or push Him further away. For individuals who believe in God, that is a sacred responsibility. Our Bringing WORSHIP to Life workshop is the best time you will have learning about building true equality for the Deaf, so Kari Jobe, Hillsong United, and old country churches all have a distinct sound which is clearly defined in the interpreter's presentation. You will laugh, and you will love this workshop. Click below to find out more! 








Bringing WORSHIP TO Life


Bringing WORSHIP to Life TOO goes deeper on  a personal level over any of our weekend workshops. This workshop brings radical personal growth and healing while challenging skills on much more intimate plane. You will get a chance to see lives touched and changed in an unexpected way at BWL Too and attendees walk away with a completely new perspective of themselves and performance interpreting in the church. This workshop is best suited for Christian interpreters or interpreters wanting to interpret in Christian concerts and churches.








Bringing the Stage to Life - EXTENDED, and BSL II offer interpreters a tremendous chance to grow in the basics of their skills. However, there is more to learn and that inspired us to create a new intensive workshop right here in Music City USA! BSL NASHVILLE is the only intensive musical interpreter training in the U.S. and as far as our research shows, it's the only workshop of it's kind in the world! For one week participants will come to Nashville for in depth book work, in depth study, and in depth practice in musical interpreting. Interpreters will listen to industry speakers, work through extensive book work, learn skills on site, then practice at live nightly events. It's a powerful and intimate time for interpreters to learn about musical interpreting in a safe and loving environment. Once you have been to BSL NASHVILLE, you will never be the same. Click below to find out more, and we hope you will join us soon!  

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