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1) Workshop Workbook

Each attendee will receive a special workbook loaded with notes and information broken down by workshop day. These unique workbooks are gems to keep!










2) Visiting Guests

Hear from more than just Mama Sam! In this mini-workshop we will have friends come to help us with devotions and worship. 


3) Workshop Venue

We are blessed to have this cabin/lodge all to ourselves. This secluded area gives us maximum potential to be alone with the Lord, and press into our skills and search our hearts so we can be the best worship interpreters we can be.


4) Live Practice & Evaluation

This workshop is more than just a note taking event, this is an active workshop with daily live practice and evaluation. Don't worry, we will give you lots of tips for changing how  you sign, but we will do it in a lovey supportive environment. 

5) Deaf Input

We might have Deaf individuals live and on video providing direction and feedback for attendees. This input from the consumers themselves is invaluable!

6) In-depth Teaching

It's one thing to attend a brief workshop on worship interpreting, but it's another to attend an in-depth all inclusive workshop. This workshop does far more than scratch the surface of how to interpret Christian music, it delves into the theories of performance interpreting, then works intensively on technique, style, skills, facial expression, body language, etc. It's a career altering workshop series.

7) Spiritual/Character Development

Interpreting worship is about far more than translating. It requires a change of the heart. We all come with hopes, dreams, goals, fears and maybe a whole lot of baggage. This is where we step out and strive to heal the broken parts of ourselves, and get real with God.

8) Leadership Mentoring

There are very few individuals working in churches and in concert settings that are well trained leaders. No place are those skills more critical than in a religious setting. We are going to provide you with information which can help you redefine what being a leader is. 

9) Give-Aways

This is a workshop! And what is a workshop without give-aways! Yes daily attendees will receive door prizes, gifts, and memorabilia. That's just a perk we couldn't deny!

10) Family Environment

Let's face it, interpreting is intimidating. Our goal is to create an environment which allows participants a safe and free place to learn these skills, succeeding and hitting rough patches with no worries of condemnation or criticism from attendees. We want this to be an amazing experience which will impact your heart as much as your career for a lifetime.


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